Monday, July 15, 2019

Influencers Pay Double - by Bob Hoffman

(This came in a newsletter from the brilliant Bob Hoffman.)

Influencers Pay Double

by Bob Hoffman
"I have a new hero. His name is Joe Nicchi. Joe is an aspiring actor. He and his wife run two ice cream trucks in LA. In their first year of operation they were named "best food truck in the city" by LA Weekly.

"Joe is sick of douchebag "influencers" trying to hustle him. So this week he instituted a new policy -- influencers pay double.

“They love to use the word exposure,” says Nicchi. “They’ll promise me all of this social media exposure in exchange them all free ice cream.”

"His response? "Are you out of your mind? This is $4.”

"Recently Nicchi was approached by an "influencer" to cater a 300 person party for free. “I said ‘Enough is enough,’" and he put up the sign on his truck -- "Influencers Pay Double."

'I have a suggestion for big brand CEO's. Are you tired of pissing away money on stupid social bullshit? Fire the idiots and hire an ice cream man to run your marketing department."


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