Thursday, January 2, 2020

You hotel competes with Geico.

Your hotel competes with Geico. And Amazon.

And between the two of them, they spent $2.8 billion on advertising in 2019.

This is reality: Any advertising anybody does anywhere is, in a very real sense, competing for attention with all the advertising everybody else does everywhere else.

That means when you advertise, you're not just competing with other independent hotels. Or even any kind of hotel or resort. Not on this particular battlefield. You're competing with everybody.

Advertising - whether it's digital, email, print or broadcast - is a battle for share of mind. And share of mind is the kind of thing that can tilt a travel decision in your favor. It's the kind of thing that can take price out of the decision equation.

There is an astonishing array of tech gimmicks and digital advertising gizmos out there for you to choose from, but there has to be some art to go along with the science if it's going to work. 

That's where creativity comes in.

Creativity is what makes a smaller budget work harder. Creativity is what allows you to compete on that advertising playing field.