Monday, December 9, 2019

Your ad agency has one? Do you?

Your ad agency has one. 

Your web design firm has one.

Your PR firm might even have one.

Do you have a creative director?

Hold on, you might be asking what do I need a creative director for? Good question.

With a good answer. Unless the idea is to somehow blend in with your competitors, it’s a good idea to deliver your Brand position at as many touchpoints as you can. And if you do it with some creativity, that’s even better.

Remember, every guest is a potential return guest – and if they found the experience more engaging at your hotel than Some Other Place, it’s more likely they’ll come back. And not just when you have a special offer that appeals to them, either.

And, if you’ve ever read anything we’ve written about hotel marketing, that pretyy much fits right in with our belief that competing mostly on price is no way to run a railroad.

So, circling back to our initial premise, there’s a good argument to be made for someone thinking about the on-site experience. Is everything about your hotel or resort expected? Look at things like the Do Not Disturb door hanger, the card keys, the names of drinks in the bar, what you call your specials and offers, holiday decorations in the lobby, signage, wi-fi sign-on, in-room cards . . . all of it.

It’s unlikely you’re going to hire a property creative director. And you may or may not feel you can cover the responsibility in-house. That’s cool. Lean on one of your outside agencies for some creativity and spread it around. If they are any use at all they’ll be happy to do it. Eager, in fact.

The point is, creativity is a practical tool for delivering your Brand in a point-of-sale kind of way. It shouldn’t be confined to your ads and your website.