Friday, June 17, 2016

A short, personal rant

A while back, I was scanning the website of a local agency and noticed their "specialty" page - a page that listed no fewer than 15 things, from advertising to events to PR and everything in between.

Nobody does everything best. Or even well. Which is why we limit what we do to creative thinking and Brand Development. We know lots of people who (each doing one thing and doing it well) help us out when we need PR, web site coding, events, SEO and all the rest.

But it really, really, really honks me (personally - me, Woody Hinkle) when I hear about some firm offering to take on things that are out of their arena. I hear of design studios taking on radio commercials for clients, of PR firms doing advertising, of web design firms doing Brand Development and - most recently - social media companies offering to handle PR.

A social media company can't do PR as well as a PR professional. A design studio can't do radio (which is an audible, not visual, medium) as well as an ad agency. A web design firm can't do Brand Development as well as a Brand Development firm. And a PR firm can't do advertising as well as an ad agency.

Think about it a minute. Nobody can perform a secondary or tertiary skill as well as their primary skill. That's why there IS a primary skill.

OK, I feel a little better.