Friday, April 29, 2016

People who ruin it for everybody

People who ruin it for everybody

Whatever business you are in, there is always somebody who wrecks it for the rest of us and gives everybody a bad name.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from someone who is selling new-business coaching.  He had what he said was a sure-fire way to get a better return on new-business approaches. It was an e-mail. One that went more or less like this:

"Dear _________,

I haven't heard back from you in response to the e-mails I have sent and the voice messages I have left . . . "

Well, that's as far as that has to go, right?

I get those kinds of e-mails a lot and I have to be honest, I hate that I have to take the time to send a "no, thanks" e-mail to someone clearly too stupid to get the message that the fact that I haven't responded to any of their e-mails of voice messages just might mean I don't have any interest in having a conversation. But I just don't have the time to respond to everybody who sends me a note. But now, the only way to get them to stop is to mark it spam or (sigh) reply. 

In a very real sense, I am answering them when I don't answer them. Look, we deal with the same thing in our new-business efforts. People don't respond to our outreach, We get it. We just don't feel the need to keep up an annoying assault.

Sorry for the long lead-in, but talking about that with Karen this morning, she commented that people who run bad e-mail programs ruin the tool for everybody else. Ain't it the truth.

Let's define bad e-mail programs. Choose as many of the following as you like and feel free to add your own. Too many, poorly done and hard to read, of little real value to anybody, keep coming even after you try to unsubscribe, irrelevant . . .  I could go on, and so could you.

Point is, it's really a shame when someone pees in the pool and ruins everybody's afternoon. Here are some other examples:

Agencies that respond to RFPs that ask for spec work . . .  with spec work.

Radio stations that produce radio spots on the cheap.

Television stations that produce television spots on the cheap.

Ad agencies that talk clients into self-indulgent creative that doesn't work.

Social media agencies focused on things like Facebook likes and numbers of Pinterest posts, regardless of whether or not that actually serves any real purpose for the client.

(And speaking of Facebook) companies that who clutter their Facebook page with specials and offers and give readers a whole bunch of no reason at all to stay interested.

I suppose I could go on. But I got it out of my system.

And I feel better now.

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