Saturday, March 17, 2012

I could do worse for cheaper.

This ad is a colossal piece of crap. A total waste of money.

You probably can't read the logo, but it's for Invesco, a company that reported "positive net flows of $24.5 billion" for 2011.

This three column by 7.5 inch thing ran on the front of the Business & Finance section of Saturday's Wall Street Journal.

I don't know what run they bought, but at the best discounted rate for just the Baltimore-Washington regional buy, they paid $2,400 to run this garbage.

Big company like that, there is no telling what they paid somebody to come up with it. Somebody who apparently thinks white type on an orange background is actually readable on newsprint.

I'm not sure what they think it is telling people, but it's tells me that if they can't even manage to do something simple like express their value in a simple ad that people can read, then they probably can't do much else very well.

Here's my offer to Invesco and you can hold me to it. I can - quickly - do a much worse ad than this for half of what you paid for this one.

I'm sure of it.

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