Sunday, February 5, 2012

This is a bullshit commercial - even as an extended version

Forget for a moment that the dog losing weight so he can chase a car has jack to do with the car. WTF did they feel like they had to introduce the Star Wars thing for? Just to show what hipsters they are with the whole "Star Wars bar scene" reference?

I mean sure it's funny, and as a dog lover, I always like to watch dogs run, but a commenter on YouTube had it right, I think:

">Make random commercial about dog losing weight

>Pretend it has anything to do with the product you're selling

>List 0 reasons to buy your product"

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will write for beer said...

i actually liked it up until the star wars bit. of course, i thought last year's celebrated vw's "the force" ad was great...for a remote starter. it had jack to do with making me want a vw. at least this one showed the car in motion a little.