Friday, February 17, 2012

Give them a reason and they'll find you

Here's an idea. Don't put your phone number in your advertising.

Or in your television spot. Don't have your VO read the number three times in your radio spots either.

And while you're at it, don't bother with your web address. Or a Facebook icon. Or Twitter, Pinterest or anything else.

Why would I suggest such a thing?

Start here - Everything in an advertisement of any sort devalues everything else in it.

So, for every second, pixel or square quarter-inch you spend telling people how to get in touch with you is a second, pixel or square quarter-inch you're not focusing on telling them why the hell they should.

I mean, if your creative really presents a strong, compelling case (and it damn sure oughta), do you really need to bolt on "For more information . . . "?

And in this day and age, do we really have to tell people to follow us on Facebook or Twitter in our ads? Really? You think so? I kind of feel like anybody computer-literate enough to want to follow us on Twitter of Facebook or go to our website is computer literate enough to know how to find us with a click or keystroke or two. Understand, I think web site, Twitter and Facebook links on the web make sense, because they streamline the process. I just am not sure they are necessary anywhere else.

Certainly anybody who can spell "Google" can find anything. And direct click-throughability is surely right around the television corner.

Do people usually rip out print ads so they can keep the contact information or make a note of the phone number or web address? Or whip out their smartphone to scan your QR code while they are reading a newspaper or magazine? Do they pull the car over to the side of the road so they can record the phone number you read to them three times? Will they put down the remote long enough to jot down your web address?

Reality is, probably not. And even for those who do, they won't have to if your message is strong enough, creative enough and memorable enough. They will remember you.

And if they remember you, finding you is like falling off a log. Seriously.

So maybe think less about telling people how to get in reach you with you and more about giving them a reason to want to.

Or at least about making sure your advertising is strong enough that you could get by without any of the call-to-action stuff.

And another thing about that "For more information . . . " business. Why the hell else would anybody want to call you if not for more information? So why even say it?

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