Friday, January 27, 2012

A few thoughts on Super Bowl commercials

Reading today how Ferris Bueller is "trending" in the Twitter world because of the buzz about his appearance in a Super Bowl commercial made me think about Super Bowl commercials for a minute.

(For the dazed and confused out there, the picture at right is Mean Joe Greene in a classic Super Bowl commercial. It is not Ferris Bueller. Or Matthew Broderick. That should be obvious. Neither one of them has a beard. But we soldier on . . . )

For some reason, I find myself resenting all the attention lavished on Super Bowl commercials - by ad folk and civilians alike. And I'm not exactly sure why.

Maybe there's a bit of "so the only time we really care about these things is in early February?"

Or maybe I feel a bit like advertisers ought to work as hard on their spots the other 11 months of the year.

Could be I just get annoyed at how many spots seem to be just gratuitous bullshit creativity designed to get people talking about the spot (not the product) the next day.

Then again maybe it's how often execution takes priority over concept in these things.

I don't know.

And maybe I'm just becoming a curmudgeon - in addition to being an idiot, as we all know.

But if I go to a Super Bowl party, when the commercials come on, look for me over at the punchbowl. Away from the TV.

Just don't ask me why.

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