Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Somebody call the Quicken folks

They know how to make things accessible.

Talked today to one of those agency new-business firms. They look sharp, and I am certain they can deliver on everything they say they can deliver on. I'm sure of it.

But the cost of it is out of reach.

Seems like the very small agencies - like us - that could benefit the most from new-business help are the ones who can't afford to buy it. Which is to say they can't afford to pay for help bringing in the new business that would let them afford things like help with new business, which would bring in enough business so they'd have the money for things like help with new business.

So they'd be able to afford to pay for new-business help to bring in the . . .

Oh, never mind.

You know what? The folks at Quicken did a damn fine job of making account software accessible to everybody. Seems like if someone was able to come up with a "we can't make you rich for that retainer, but we can bring in enough new business so you can move to the next level with us and make enough money there so you can move to the next level where we can make you rich" program - they'd get rich on it.

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