Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Addy categories I'd like to see

Addy entries are due here in DC tomorrow, so naturally, we'll finish ours up - tomorrow.

No minute like the last minute.

Anyway, going through work and deciding what we should and could enter and what I'm embarassed we did last year, I had a few thoughts on categories I'd like to see:
  • Best use of client-supplied photography
  • Best print ad with way too much crap in it *
  • Best campaign created from a single ad that somebody decided they wanted to turn into a campaign
  • Best use of an awful logo
  • Best use of your kids (a.k.a. The Ameritel Award)
  • Best art direction although the copy sucks
  • Best copywriting although the art direction totally blows
  • Best concept ruined by the art direction and the copywriting
  • Best bogus ad created just for the show
  • Best reallyfastdisclaimerattheendofaradiospotthatnobodycanunderstandanyway
  • Best use of "got (fill in the blank here)"? concept
  • Best rip-off of something really original
  • Best idea I had first but the client wouldn't f-ing run, damnit
* This could be called the Blivet Award. My father used to say that a blivet is a 5-pound bag with 10 pounds of shit. Years ago, my friend Terry commented ever-so-tactfully about an art director we both knew this way: "He sure knows how to put a lot into an ad."


Mike said...

Best ad suggested by the client's wife, husband or child

Rebecca said...

"Best ad that needs the logo to be biggger."

will write for beer said...

Best logo designed by the client's wife.

Best client-directed art direction.

Best client-written copywriting.