Monday, July 12, 2010

I hate using a quote by Donald Trump

But it's a good one.

"As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big." Or words to that effect.

We're talking Jim Justice-type thinking here. Jim Justice (right) is the man who bought the Greenbrier recently, wresting control of it from Marriott. Now he could have - as Marriott no doubt would have - done himself a nice renovation, opened back up as a sweet, expensive West Virginia resort and banged along maybe making money and may not making money as it has for the pasty 20 years or more.

"F*** that" he seems to have said and, thinking big, he's got one of the hottest fancy-schmantzy places in the country on his hands. He's got a golf tournament a-comin' and he opened a snazzy new casino thanks to a change in West Virginia laws. The opening event was what might might call star-studded and earned itself plenty of national coverage.

Because he thought big and acted big. And it's gonna pay off for him.

One of the real frustrations of this business we're in is watching opportunity drift away from people because they think small. There are always excuses - budget or uncooperative upper management are two favorites. But I just don't think there is any real good excuse for thinking small when, as The Donald says, you might as well think big, since you're going to be thinking anyway.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we don't always think big here at N+H Central. I know that. I didn't say we were perfect. What I said was that watching opportunities drift away because somebody (and that somebody could well be me) is no fun.

But for the moment, let's all cheer for Jim Justice. He ought to be an inspiration for us all.

If he had had a lesser vision, the Greenbrier today would be just another semi-boring Marriott Resort.

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