Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20 years in this business and I still don't understand

One of the first thing I noticed when we started our business was that there is often an inverse relationship between how much people charge for their product or service and how much they are willing to sell or promote it.

Time and again, I run across someone with a big-ticket item who tells us that they have "nothing", "next to nothing" , "very little" or "no budget" to spend to attract customers.

To their big-ticket item.

Lots of these people want to be able to hone in on that segment of any given universal target that wants to really spend money. You know, the people who want a great room at a luxury hotel, not just a room somewhere in town. Or the people who are willing to pay top dollar for a remodeling job, not just new cabinets from Home Depot. Or the people who are fine with shelling out $25-$35 for an entree not people who just want some filler. But all too often they tell us that they don't want to spend any money to do it, even though they really, really want it to be effective.

In other words, they want to sell a high-end value but not buy one.

I'm sorry. I just don't get it.

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