Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This has nothing to do with advertising.

My friend Rich (at left - and I'm certain his wife, former employer and co-workers would rather I not use his last name) has found a delightful way to spend his dotage.

He writes a blog.

The Old Sports Guy (a.k.a T.O.S.G.) comes out about once a month but it's terrific. Vulgar, funny, informed and irreverant. All the things I like best in writing.

A couple of choice excerpts from past blogs:

"Michigan Stadium, the Big House, really is quite something with its 104,000+ seating capacity, and just about every seat taken despite Michigan's lousy record (the fact that it was an intra-state rivalry obviously helped fill the seats.) And the best part of the place -- the mens' bathrooms, which go the trough route, rather than the separate urinal design" - November 2008


"[Editor's note: TOSG apologizes for his over-use of Yiddish words in his last several postings, e.g., schmuck, mensh, etc. TOSG sometimes forgets that his target audience, to the extent that he has an audience at all, does not consist solely of over 70-year old Jewish males who might know a smattering of Yiddish. In fact, TOSG only knows 5 Yiddish words, 3 of which he has used, plus schlep (to tote something, or to take a long, arduous trip) and putz (a synonym for schmuck, and definitely not J.J., the Mets' reliever.) But enough of this -- TOSG doesn't want t0 make a big magilla out of it." - May 2009


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