Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A webinar is totally different than in-person

It was a subject I was actually interested in too.

Mobile marketing campaigns for agencies in the hospitality industry. That's us.

But I decided to wait for the handout rather than pay attention. But here's something I did learn:

Whatever personal charisma you may have goes right out the freakin' window on a webinar if you're not careful. These guys knew their stuff, but with nobody in person and just the PowerPoint slides on our screen, every "uh" was magnified, speakers droned on and the clicking as they used their computer to move through the presentation was terminal.

I lost interest and went to the bank. Karen stuck it out.

But like I said, I did learn something. If I'm ever doing any kind of remote presentation, I'd better be aware that my in-person charm, stunning good looks and eye contact aren't going to hold anybody's attention.

It's a whole other game there.

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