Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some funnyawfulhystericalwretched stuff here

Mixed in amongst the "F*** economics" and " I hate accounting" comments on my nephew's Facebook wall, I found this link.

The 8 Very Worst Local Commercials.Great intro too: "Somewhere between folk art and pop art lies the do-it-yourself wasteland of local advertising." Of course, no such list is really complete unless it includes DC's own Ameritel spots, but there is some stuff here so bad it's funny.

Bottom-line lesson here? Don't get into advertising for the money, the glory or the fame. Do it to help the poor bastards out. Save them from themselves.

I'll preview a couple. Click here for the entire collection.


Tierney said...

I would be afraid to walk into Frankie and Johnnie Furniture based on the appearance of the place alone. These are pretty bad, Woody.

Anonymous said...