Monday, May 10, 2010

OK, don't believe me. Believe this guy.

Marc Brownstein writes a regular "column" for the Ad Age Small Agency Diary.

Today I saw his post about over reliance on social media. Among other things, he said: " Social media belongs in the media mix. But it shouldn't be the entire mix. How will your customers find you?" Read the entire thing here.

We've said the same thing over and over, only we include web sites, SEO, organic search and all the rest of those wonderful Internet-based tools at your disposal. If someone simply stumbles on you on the Internet, they don't know much about your brand or what you sell or why they ought to do business with you.

Conversion rates are much higher if someone is looking for, say "Nasuti + Hinkle Creative Thinking" than "ad agencies, Bethesda".

As for social media, it is, as he says. good for maintaining relationships, not creating them. I also read somewhere that someone said "You don't go on Facebook to be cool; you're on Facebook because you're cool."

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