Friday, April 2, 2010

This is pretty cool. Maybe we'll steal it.

Our friend ace art director/designer Jessica Tree (who used to work with us, but moved to San Francisco, so in a way, we all hate her) posted this on Facebook, on the fan page for The Social Type, a design company she and a pal started.

(Man, was that a long sentence. But exceptionally well-crafted, right?)

According to the link, "after ten years together, Jen and Kevin got engaged in Paris--a location they subtly acknowledged in a nod to Albert Lamorisse's short film The Red Balloon when designing their save the date announcement. Wanting to treat their wedding as a big party more so than a traditional event, each guest received a deflated, red balloon tied to a letterpress printed card."

Nice work.

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finn said...

this is sweet! nice work!