Friday, April 30, 2010

Sure it's sexist, but do you really care?

Alex - Super Intern - Parent sent me this ad his father saw in a German magazine.

Kind of sexist, but I think it works. I think it will appeal to your typical BMW driver anyway.


Anonymous said...

Sexist indeed. And I don't think it works.

The fact that it's a Greek ad (".gr" is a country code top-level domain for Greece) changes the cultural context drastically.

A CNN blogger elaborated a bit on the aspects of the ad more cohesively than I can.

I'd take a look at the ad that this blogger pointed out as containing the same theme presented differently but more appropriately for its audience: the USA. The ad can be found at
this link.

The difference in presentation makes (for me, at least) all the difference. Yet, the message and reinforced value are the same. (The message being that "pre-owned BMW's are as good/as pretty/as enjoyable as new bimmers" and reinforcing the value of innocence).

Also, I think a statement pigeonholing a vast group of people (here on an international scale!) as chauvinists (unless you intended otherwise) is probably not a good perspective to have toward any audience.
Sometimes our own closemidedness can keep us from opportunities readily available to us--here, greeks taking the easy way out in advertisement with the typical sex/shock-value treatment and, if you're willing to lump a group of people the way you have, perhaps you're not opening yourself up to opportunities you may find if you open your mind to other possibilities.

Woody Hinkle said...

Wow. I didn't put that much thought into it. As for pigeonholing a vast group of people, well, even though some good friends own BMWs, as a general rule, I still think there is a certain "asshole factor" associated with the typical BMW driver.


Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I appreciate the point of view.

I'll post the spot you linked.

judymark said...

I do think the ad was more effective for the target and more effective than the little girl ad...AND I do care. I think there are a whole lot more ways to reach their market.

As we know, advertisers have great power to influence and this is just not somewhere we have to go. What if it was their daughter in that photo?

(Did I hear the breaking of glass?): - ) !

Anonymous said...

BMW drivers as assholes reminded me of this.

Perspective is everything.

Woody Hinkle said...

Love it!