Friday, April 16, 2010

How do you blog about something that's difficult to blog about?


So yesterday morning we had one of our "12 Chairs and Coffee" sessions where we invite a number of people in for a freewheeling discussion on things that matter to marketing folk. (This one was about how our conversations with clients and customers have changed.)

Our buddy Wes Combs, one of the principals of Witeck-Combs Communications, the nation's leading firm dealing primarily in LBGT marketing, was one of the participants. Wes and Bob Witeck are two of our favorite people -- smart, fun and general-purpose great guys. With a great company.

Anyway, Wes mentioned that he was working on public relations product for a new product that was, well, difficult to talk about.

Which I thought was interesting. As he said, how do you market something that is hard to even mention out loud?

Now, you're no doubt wondering WTF the product is, right? Well, the client is C.B. Fleet of Lynchburg, Virginia, and we're not talking about the bank. That's right. Enemas. And in this case, recreational enemas, starting with the gay market.

That's as far as I'm going here. If you need more information, ask your mother. Or Dan Savage. Or click here.

These are the ads prepared by Euro RSG to promote the product. I think they are terrific and have managed to use levity to make an uncomfortable conversation a lot less uncomfortable.

Seriously, what a tough assignment. I'd have given a week's pay to have been in the room when the creative team was given the assignment.

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will write for beer said...

those ads are the shit.