Friday, April 16, 2010

A follow-up that really pisses me off.

A few months ago, we completed a pro-bono anti-cruelty campaign for the Washington Humane Society.

The unfortunate dog in the photo at right is Dumbledore, a sweet guy who was neglected by his owner - a 21 year-old college student who was, as the copy says, too busy with college and cheerleading and beauty pageants. His weight had dropped to 17 pounds. Half of what it should be.

We were at a meeting at WHS today and they told us that Dumbledore didn't make it.


I sure do hope the campaign - and the PSA my pal Annette Wexler is working on - will save other lives.

I sure do wish we didn't need campaigns like this.

P.S. Super photographer Ira Wexler did the photography for the campaign.


Eve Russell said...

If only emotional cruelty that caused death were a felony too.

The kind of neglect he survived is a hard thing to recover from, physically and emotionally, especially for something as cut-for-bonding as a pit bull.

He died safe and as comfortable as he'd ever been in his entire life up to that point. There's dignity in that.
His shocking image that Ira so beautifully captured in those photos is going to save more dogs from his fate, and there is some serious dignity in that.

Sheila Campbell said...

This really breaks my heart. Thanks for doing the good work and getting the word out there.

will write for beer said...

but at least you tried to help.
thx for that.