Thursday, April 15, 2010

The best movie you will never see in a theater

This is a shameless plug for my buddy Marc Ryan and his partner Mike Million (yes, that's his real name).

Marc and Mike are the guys behind Third Story Films. Marc is the genius behind "Everybody Wants to be a Dog", a TV spot we did that featured a Celebrity Parrot. (Ranger, from Pirates of the Caribbean.) He also directed a little self-promo film for us called "Not Everybody Can Do This" that picked up a few awards. (You can see both on the TSF web site.)

And he never gloats when Wake Forest beats Maryland.

Anyway, "Tenure" is a movie Mike wrote and directed comes out on DVD tomorrow and you oughta get it from Netflix.

All kinds of shenanigans out of their control precluded it ever being released in theaters. Somebody owned rights and went out of business and kept the rights or some kinda thing that was no fair to the movie or something. No fair, because it's a good movie. Stars Luke Wilson and it's pretty damn funny.

I liked it a lot. And I'm not much of a Luke Wilson fan. Karen liked it too.

So did everybody in the audience at the DC Independent Film Festival.

So go get it. Go, go . . .

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