Wednesday, March 17, 2010

. . and back and forth and back and forth

"What's your budget?"

"We don't have a budget."

"You don't have a budget?"

"Well, it's very small."

"But your product is very expensive and your sales goals are pretty high."

"But we don't have any money to spend on advertising or marketing communications."

"How should we price this?"

"Just give us the best price you can. We love your work and really want to work with you. You guys are great. And keep in mind, if we grow our sales and are making more money, we will be able to spend more down the road. And you'll make more."

"If you can grow your sales and make more money with a very small budget, why on earth should you ever spend any more?"

"We just will."

"Well, what should we work with? What's your budget? It would really help us figure out a plan of attack if we knew how much money you had to spend."

"We don't have a budget. But if we did, it would be very small."

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