Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We love you, you're fabulous, we're very impressed. Now get lost.

I just got one of the most amusing "we're going with someone else" letters ever. An e-mail actually.

To begin with, it came from the Legal Counsel, not the marketing people we'd pitched and presented to. That right there kind of explains what followed.

While he told us they would "not be accepting our bid", he wanted to assure us that they were "beyond impressed" with our proposal and that we "displayed a level of sophistication and forward-thinking that really energized our organization." And, of course, they'd like to stay in touch and have us be customers and when they get bigger, then maybe we can pick up conversations about the future. Finally, of course, they were "impressed" with our creativity.

And coming from the legal counsel, how can you doubt the sincerity?

OK, a couple of things here. We lose pitches all the time. Everybody does. No biggies usually. While I'm disappointed, I don't think I'll cry myself to sleep tonight. But if you're going to tell someone who has gone to the trouble to meet with you a few times and do some spec work besides that you're going another direction why not freaking tell them why?

Honestly kiddies, it's very useful to know why you lose. Was it money? Creativity? Personality? The fact that we swiped office supplies and donuts and dented your fender on the way out of the last meeting? What was it?

Also, really, no kidding, seriously, honestly. If you're who we've been talking to but can't bring yourself to make a phone call, at least have someone we've met send the letter or e-mail.

But the legal counsel? Please.

Have your people call our people.

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Eve Russell said...

Apparently being dumped via text message is very common.