Friday, February 19, 2010

This is what we call a "Guest Blog"

Sheila Campbell, ace creativity consultant, travel writer, sometime model and pal, is our guest blogger today kiddies. Sheila's own blog "True Compass" is probably much more interesting than this one, but she has a more cultured audience. She never writes about it, but she also knows a whole pantload about advertising.

A Lurker, A Shirker and an Addict

Social media's all the rage with clients right now, so I figured I had to jump in and experience it myself. Last year, I joined Facebook and Linked In, started Tweeting and began a blog. And the results are . . .

On Facebook and LinkedIn, I lurk. Oh, I post occasionally, but mostly I just read what my not-so-close friends are up to. And I like that. Some are very funny. Some of my "friends" on Facebook I don't quite remember ever meeting, but what the hell.

On Twitter, I shirk. Twitter is overwhelming; too much stuff coming at me. Tweeting does not make me happy, and too much of it is commercial messages with web links. Too hard to sort out the nuggets of information from the barrage of garbage.

Ah, but my blog. There, I'm addicted. I love constantly looking out for some interesting morsel of life and sharing it with -- well, whoever stumbles onto the blog. (It's Because I write a lot about travel, it has become embarrassing for my friends to eat out with me. I haul out the camera and insist on snapping the food before anybody eats it.

(This photo is lobster Cobb salad at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC, where I was yesterday.)

- Sheila Campbell


Frank Finamore said...

Whether we lurk, surf, tweet, or comment, isn't it interesting that many of us are addicted to knowing what our not so close friends are doing throughout the day. So, what's the name of the restaurant that had the Lobster Cobb? Addicted lurkers want to know! We may end up in Asheville one day wishing we knew!

Judy Leaver said...

You've pulled off the 'guest blog' biz perfectly, Sheila. I would love to see a 'model' picture of you posted here!
Your experiences w/Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are like mine. Lurking and shirking...

Deborah Potter said...

Thanks for the shout-out Sheila. And Frank, the lobster Cobb salad is from the Sunset Terrace at The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa --- where I work.