Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sorry for the lapse

Been out of touch, I know.

Bought myself a new shoulder a week ago, and it's a bit difficult to type (Like you care.)

Plus, it put me a bit under the weather and not terribly motivated. (So what else is new?)

We had 197 inches of snow here and haven't been able to do much of anything. (Yawn.)

So anyway, just a few thoughts of the moment:

In general I have liked the Olympic commercials better than the Super Bowl spots. Especially the Morgan-Freeman-voiced Visa ones. Especially the "right this second, everybody's tied" one that ran opening night.

Like everybody else, I like the Snickers Super Bowl Spot. And the Letterman one. I also like the Pythonesque one of men without pants marching through a field.

There was even a Bud Light commercial I liked -- the one with the asteroid about to hit Earth that spurs a farewell party and then turns out to be a non-even anyway which spurs a party.

I hated the "house made of cold Bud" commercial.

I'm worried that the e-trade campaign (one of my all-time favorites) is in danger of jumping the shark.

That's enough for now. I'm tired. And since Larry Hinkle has yet to volunteer to write the blog for a week or so, I need to take a break.


Kim Fernandez said...

Morgan Freeman falls into the category of "people I'd stop to listen to if he read the phone book."

will write for beer said...

ha. i barely have the time -- or is it the energy? -- to update my own site lately. good luck with the new shoulder.

Sheila Campbell said...

Forgot about your getting the new shoulder. Hope it all heals easily -- at least it gave you an excuse not to shovel last week.

Eve Russell said...

Welcome back.