Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wrangler remains well off the deep end

There are like a zillion new executions in the continuing weirdness of the 'We Are Animals" Wrangler campaign.

Didn't get it before. Don't get it now. And I probably never will. But I would love for someone to explain it to me.

They'd like us to believe that this new Wrangler image "Red" is a:

"powerful, visceral campaign centered on the human being’s most primary instincts. Men and women have been photographed in red waters or amidst the fury of twirling red dust. A new approach to the concept We Are Animals by a fit, strengthened Wrangler. The campaign We Are Animals comes packed with emotions. Each image is a high dose of adrenalin, tension and passion, with red as the basic colour. Each character becomes the personification of the inner strength of an unleashed man, a sweeping animal alter ego."

Which relates to Wrangler jeans exactly how? Jeeze, what a bunch of pretentious crap.

By Fred and Farid, Paris, France. The photographer is Jeff Burton. I found it on I Believe in Advertising.

More irrelevant weirdness at

Gotta go. I have a sudden urge to go out and buy a pair of Levis.

(P.S. Look for our new campaign for Pier House: "Lines", an emotional and visceral -- and yet passive, understated -- interpretation of horizontal and vertical lines in a variety of progressive mediums illuminating the constant conflict of man and the modern resort.)


Eve Russell said...

I hate it.

Damon said...

I like this campaign: shots are powerful & very effective. That's cool.

Ellie said...

Beautiful shots, a very effective campaign!