Saturday, January 2, 2010

If there's a better way to start the new year than bitching about something, I don't know what it is

(Of course, if my Gamecocks beat UConn today, that will help too.)

Several years ago, Delta Air Lines had an ad campaign that was a sort of fill-in-the-blank kinda thing, not unlike what you see at left (CW - Woody Hinkle; AD - Woody Hinkle). Only better, of course. You know, it was a way to show all the different answers that all point to why why Delta and how they understand and all that.

And since then, although it hasn't been imitated nearly as much as the "Got Milk?" campaign (and honestly, any creative who suggests a take off on that campaign ought to be taken out and shot. In public.), it has certainly has had more than its fair share of copycats.

The most recent one I have seen is a campaign for BB&T.

Now, BB&T is a big bank. Presumably they have fairly deep pockets - or at least enough money to hire a decent ad agency. So why can't whoever it is (I have no idea who it is) come with anything original?

If I was pitching that account and they asked me why I thought N+H should get their business, one part of the answer would certainly be "because we can come up with something without copying someone else's work, that's for sure."

OK once and for all, this approach has been done. Got it? Don't do it anymore. Please. For me.

Anyway, Go 'Cocks.