Friday, January 22, 2010

Just being ON YouTube doesn't mean anything

A year or so ago, my friend Tim Fahey and I talked to a guy about maybe doing some business for him and his computer-repair/maintenance company.

"Here's what I want to do," he said with grand enthusiasm. "I'll make a really creative video really cheap and put it up on YouTube and I'm there." Or words to that effect.

Righto. Nothing like really cheap and really creative.

See, people seem to think that anything you put on YouTube will be viewed over and over by thousands, if not millions, of anxious potential customers. I once saw a video (one someone was very proud of too) that was about 10 minutes long for a golf course at some resort in South Carolina.

BOR-inggggggg. When I woke up, there was a test pattern on the screen.

Here's another example of just-because-it's-on-YouTube-don't-make-it-suck-any-less. It's the official "Chevy Volt Dance". From none other than General Motors.

As stockholders in General Motors (you knew that didn't you?), I think they should have run the damn thing by us before they -- as Steve Hall at Adrants said -- embarrassed themselves. My favorite comment on YouTube was the very first one: "I just puked all over my keyboard."

So if you haven't already, click above and enjoy the "Chevy Volt Dance"!

But cover your keyboard first, just in case.

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