Friday, October 30, 2009

Whichever side of the purebred argument you're on, you have to admit this is good

My friend world-class dog advocate Eve Russell sent me this with a note: "I tolerate PETA's nonsense because they also do [stuff] like this."

It's for their Animal Birth Control campaign. I'm not necessarily opposed to pure blood lines, but I do think it's better for the world if you adopt a rescue dog. Actually, I know it. (Confession -- I have two purebred basset hounds. Call me a hypocrite. I should have adopted.) But I'm definitely against docking and otherwise mutilating animals.

Anyway, like I said, regardless of where you stand on this, you have to admit this is a good spot to sell that point of view.

Of course, you also have to admit that "breedism" is an incredibly stupid word.

(Love the "snacks" line at the end.)


Kim Fernandez said...

Lab Rescue has a 12-week old female if you're tempted to adopt. :)

Did I tell you we've figured out Molly is a mix breed? You've heard of the Labradoodle? She's a Labragator.

Eve Russell said...

Aw, neat, thanks for sharing the good word.

I love your purebred hound dogs, by the way; Purebred dogs matter too (once they're born, that is).

Breedism is a dumb word.