Thursday, October 29, 2009

I need to see this. We all do.

Art and Copy. It's not in general circulation, apparently. For some reason on the web site, you have to request a screening. I wish the Ad Club would. It would certainly be one of the few Ad Club functions I'd be inclined to pay to go to.

Looks like a great film.

Gotta find a way to see it.

I LOVE what George Lois says at the very end. This is the web site.


Anonymous said...

CDIA in DC is playing a showing of it tomorrow from noon-2. A bit last minute, sorry.

Anonymous said...

look under the DC Screening for more info on the CDIA show. It's says to RSVP but give them a call, it may not matter.

KF (I live in DC and love reading your blog)