Friday, October 30, 2009

And from the "want to see something REALLY crazy?" school of advertising . . .

This is, I think, is a gorgeous ad. Love the art direction.

Hate the concept.

The frog can live a long time without water. Our washing machines use less water. Get it?

Well yeah, but so what? Borrowed interest 101.

There are a number of ads and campaigns out there like this that strike me as a joke in search of an application. You know, like a radio spot that illustrates something really dumb or crazy and then the only tie-in is sort of a : "Think that's crazy? It's not as crazy as our waaaacky Washington's Birthday Sale prices!!!"

Or "That's dumb. But buying our insurance is really smart."

Crap like that.

You hear this sort of thing a lot in radio. I mean, it's usually funny stuff, but it has nothing whatever to do with the product.

Like this frog and a washing machine.

Now if the frog owned a laudromat, that would be different . . .

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