Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How many people does it take to do a billboard?

Apparently a shitload. At least in this case.

This is a billboard from Taxi in Canada. Now, Taxi does great work. But I must be missing something here. A gazillion people working on the account and that's it?

You see, the reason I posted this from Ads of the World is because of the credits. Looky here:

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Darren Clarke
Associate Creative Directors: Nathan Monteith, Stefan Wegner
Art Director: Nathan Monteith
Designer: David Taylor
Writer: Stefan Wegner
Photographer: Stefan Wegner
Illustrator: Michael Siegers
Digital Imaging: Nabil Elsaadi, Michael Siegers
Mac Artists: Chris Smith, Nancy Hanninen
Agency Print Producers: Estella Tolentino, Tara Greguric
Account Director: Charlie Clark
Account Manager: Christian Parsons
Agency Planner: Adam Collins
Media Agency: Media Edge
Media Agency Planner: Karla Stuewe

We don't have that many people in our entire freaking agency. So I guess we could never do a billboard. At least not one as complex as - well, maybe we could.

Just to be on the safe side, I'm gonna go with "there's more to the campaign than just this billboard you moron" before somebody else says it. But still . . .

Reminds me of not long ago when a big local agency won a pile of Addys for poster-type ads for a passenger railway. They were done by a very good, well-known illustrator and carried headlines like "Silver Streak" or whatever. I mean, no headlines at all, really. The illustration was everything.

But in the showbook credits there was only one person who went uncredited. You guessed it, the illustrator.

Everybody else got their name in the book. That is to say, everybody but the one guy who really made the ads what they were.

Anyway, there it is.

A billboard.

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Adam Rachwal said...

Hehe. I was searching the net for one particular print producer and I happen to have found her on your blog post together with the list of people responsible for the billboard. Maybe it is time we start having credits printed on the back pages of the printed ads.