Monday, June 29, 2009

Will work for food

(Before you read another word, you should know that in my estimation, this is not a terribly well-organized post. But, in the spirit of Mark Twain, I don't have the time right now to make it shorter.)

There are way, way too many creative and agency/marketing/ etc. people out of work.

It's depressing. The number of quality of people looking for a position in our business is staggering. You could put together a damn good agency, design studio or interactive shop just with people on the street right now. Two or three or more of each, actually.

Of course, it's not just quality people in a tough spot. It's juniors and just-out-of-ad-school stars who can't land that first job. Even hacks. People with rent, car payments, mortgages, families, kids and student loans. It's somebody you know. It's a lot of people.

So maybe this is the time for the advertising community -- and I'm talking about the one in Washington, because that's, you know, where I am -- to pull together a bit more. You know, like at Woodstock when Wavy Gravy urged everybody to help feed everybody else? Maybe that's a bad example. Woodstock was a long time ago.

But it seems to me there ought to be some kinda something those of us who have jobs or agencies can do to help. Somehow. Or something.

Maybe we all get together for a Night at a Bar and people with jobs buy. Something kind of by and for the creative community. A little moral support, some introductions and a beer might go a long way.

Understand, I am not talking about some Ad Club networking function that costs anywhere from $25 to $50 just to attend and they take pictures and everything. Jesus God, no. I mean something a little more organic and casual than that. Something, you know, not-for-profit. Just meet at a bar somewhere.

When Eisner shut down a couple of years ago, somebody put together a web site for former Eisner folks to pimp themselves in hopes of a new job. That was a great sort of community thing, I thought. Pulling together in times of adversity and all that.

N+H is a teeny shop and, like everybody else, we're not exactly overbooked these days, so I can't give anybody any work right about now. Wish I could. Really.

But I sure can buy a couple of beers for somebody else and make some new friends and maybe help out in other ways. And I will.


Anonymous said...

yes! as a "recent-grad with loans, rent and a waitressing job" that would be fabulous.

Woody Hinkle said...

Anonymous -- what are you an art director or copywriter?