Friday, June 5, 2009

Sometimes, the more expensive something is, the less they want to spend to sell it.

"That's a real fine Thingamajig you've got for sale there."

"You best. Best there is. No finer Thingamajig in the land. Best money can buy."

"I see that."

"But it's not cheap. Gonna cost you a fair amount if you want this particular Thingamajig. See that price tag?"

"Wow! That is expensive. Maybe I should just get one of those cheaper Thingamajigs at the discount economy place."

"Hold on there, son. You get what you pay for. Pay less, and you'll get a lower-quality Thingamajig. Why this here Thingamajig is better than those economy Thingamajigs. It's worth the extra."

"Well, maybe I could make my own Thingamajig. Sort of like in-house."

"Son, listen to me. What are, a lawyer? Doctor? Butcher? Indian chief? What is it?"

"I'm a cardiologist."

"Well, see there? That's a real hard thing to do, and I'm sure you're a right smart young man and good at cardiology. But you know, cardiology and Thingamajig making are two different things. Two. Different. Things. You got to go with the professionals. Can't just anybody make a Thingamajig. Not like this Thingamajig anyway."

"OK. You've convinced me. I believe you. Your Thingamajig is better than cheaper Thingamajigs, and worth the extra money, and I sure won't make the mistake of trying to make one myself. No sir. I'm going to invest in quality."

"Good thinking, m'boy. Good thinking. I knew you were a smart lad when you walked in here."

"Thanks. Say, who designed your logo? And your web site? Who does your advertising?"

"Funny you asked. I did the logo m'self. Didn't want to have to pay those design folks for something I can do cheaper. My cousin's niece did the web site. She's pretty handy with a computer. And as far as the advertising is concerned, I buy that strictly on price. The cheapest agency gets the work. Why sometimes, the TV station or publication will do it for almost free! Can you beat that?"

"No, I don't imagine that I can. So anyway, you're sure this Thingamajig is worth the extra money I'm paying?"

"Absolutely my boy. Absolutely. You can't be thinking about price first when it comes to Thingamajigs. You got to realize, this is an investment."

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