Thursday, June 4, 2009

I get a lot of e-mails from photographers

And their reps too. I can't imagine the volume the bigger agencies get. I'd say about half of what comes is sort of the same stuff. Kind of over and over.

Then there's stuff like this.

I wouldn't know Aaron Kober if I fell over him. And I couldn't begin to tell you what this picture might be for. But I love it. I'm not pimping for this guy, but I like the way his mind works.

Kinda strange, you know?

His rep is Salzman International. Please don't sue me for putting this on our blog.

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Salzman said...

Glad you liked the image. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for including the link and the copyright notice!
We try not to send these emails too frequently for the very reasons you mention, and if anyone want to be on our email list, they can subscribe here: