Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh, I know how to DO this stuff. I just don't actually do it myself.

I never cease to be amazed at people who don't recognize that the quality of their approach to me is an indication of the quality of whatever it is they might be trying to sell me.

Especially when they are selling something that revolves around, um, you know, selling something somehow.

There is a copywriter in New Jersey who sends me her resume and business card and some testimonials on a regular basis. About every two or three months. I should start collecting them. Absolutely nothing else is included. No cover letter, no examples of her ability to persuade (me?) with the written word. Nothing. Just her business card and resume. Over and over and over again. I will never call her for a freelance job.

Every time we advertise for an art director or copywriter, there is always at least one poorly written letter from a copywriter. You know, the two-page variety. A stunningly perfect example of their inability to produce effective written communications. Or perhaps an unwillingness to understand that they need to do so.

And there are always art directors who send in a resume done in Word. No design whatsoever. Or way too much.

I mean, geeze, if you can do creative stuff, why the %$#@ not do it for yourself? Certainly you'll never find a more appreciative client.

This train of thought was pushed to the front of my brain today by the e-mail I received from a company promising (I think) to help us build new business. This company will help us embrace technology. I mean, they understand this technology and e-communications stuff.

I know this, because they told me so in a 552-word all-text e-mail that I only fooled with so I could count it for this post.

If there was ever an example of someone who does not know WTF they are doing, this is it.

Have a good weekend. In fact, take the rest of the day off.

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