Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'd like this even if I didn't have a gecko tattoo

A now-retired client in the hotel business told me one day that people will "steal anything that isn't nailed down."

According to I Have an Idea, Taxi, Vancouver, totally understands this human need to take things. For Telus network, "hundreds of gecko-shaped magnets were placed over transit shelter ads in high traffic areas in downtown Vancouver. The underside of the magnetic geckos prompted people to 'Bundle and save on the sure-footed network' and visit By the next day, consumers had taken all the magnets home."

I love this idea. I like geckos regardless.

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Maverick Collecting said...

I love the concept, but I feel they could have gone with the old interlocking Gecko's by M.C. Escher, as has been used here;

I have no connection to the company, just browsing, but how cool is that? You could do a path that melts into the grass instead of the awful strait edged edging-stones of local-authority car parks!!