Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is just between you and me

Ok, everybody has a pet peeve or two. (I don't know if anybody says "peeve" anymore, but there it is.)

Being a grump and codger/coot-in-training, I have more than a few. Noisy kids I'm not related to come to mind. Also, when someone says "over" when they really mean "more than" (as in "over 300 reasons to buy!" or similar crap). Write this down: They do not mean the same thing.

Or when sports announcers say "within" when it has no meaning. Here's a news flash for those guys: When one team is behind by 5 points, they are not "within 5" of anything.

FOUR is within 5. I looked it up.

Here's another. Using "best kept secret" in advertising like that's some kind of good thing. I heard a spot on the radio this morning talking about how American Public University is the area's best-kept secret. Well, I'd have to agree with the fact that it is a well-kept secret (until 8:45 this morning, I'd sure never heard of it), but what I don't understand is why that would make me want to go there.

Don't tell anybody about this. I want this blog to be a secret. Maybe a best-kept secret. Or maybe best if kept secret. Probably be a better secret if I never wrote anything. Or used invisible ink maybe.

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