Friday, March 13, 2009

I did not take any math in college

Let me be right up front about something here. I am a math idiot.

If the Terps are winning 46-37, I have to ask Karen how many points difference that is. I round checks up when I balance my checkbook. And unless you're willing to keep score, you do not want to throw darts with me.

That said, I wonder about something. Just for the sheer hell of it I signed this blog up for Adsense, the Google thingamajig that is supposed to make you money by running ads. The ads are there -- over there on the right, under "Blogs and Web Sites We Like". For now at least. I get the impression that they are context-sensitive, because most seem to be for other agencies. I'm probably going to dump it.

But now and then, I check to see if we've made any money here at JITD. And we have. A nickle. Total. Supposedly they mail you a check for your money, but it would cost them more than a nickle to write a check and cost me more than nickle to cash it. So . . . nothing. Nothing expected. It makes no sense. Not for a single blog, that is.

But it made me wonder. There are 112.8 million blogs near as I have been able to find out. If just 10% of them are signed up with Google Adsense, that's 11.8 million. If each 10% of them are like us and have 5 cents in unpaid money, that's $55,900.

Here's the thing: Somebody paid Google that fifty-five grand for Adsense ads, right?

Wrong? I don't know. But as I understand it, you pay per click. But if the clicks are so few that Google doesn't send anybody any money, but somebody paid them, where is that money?

Clearly, I'm desperate for an original blog topic today. But how about that picture I found when I Googled "Google" and looked for images, hmmmmm?

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