Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gimme some of that cheap stuff

I am not bitching about money here.

But I am befuddled. Whether it's blinds, hotel rooms, copiers, condos, ball-point pens, cars or steaks, whatever the category, there are some companies that sell a premium product and expect to get a premium price for it. They have good reasons for this.

But some of those same companies can't buy into the concept of paying much beyond a bargain-basement price for creative, talent, photography, production or the like. As if the rationale that applies to their product or service doesn't apply elsewhere. There is always a cheaper alternative to the high-priced spread, a cheaper hotel room in town and window coverings at a discount.

Q: "Why should we pay extra for original photography?" (or union talent, a better production company, or a more creatively adept agency)

A: "For the same reason your customers should pay extra for your product." (or service)

Seems simple to me. But then, as we all know, I AM simple.

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