Friday, March 6, 2009

Dog with horn; man with horn

Every office needs an office dog. We have at least one, depending on the day.

Maceo the dog (pictured) is our regular, everyday office dog and was named after Maceo Parker (also pictured) an ace saxophone player Rick (alas, not pictured) likes a lot. Or at least liked the day he named the dog (pictured).

Exactly why our Maceo has decided to start carrying our bike horn (partially pictured) around all day is anybody's guess. But we've decided we need to teach him to honk it on demand. Certainly nobody is going to use it as our door bell anymore.

Stay tuned.

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Martha-Anne said...

All my pets have been named after jazz musicians/singers: PAST PETS: Satchmo (stray old bulldog I took in in Baltimore and had the joy of being his person for the last year of his life); Cat Calloway, a beautiful all-black domestic that unfortunately, met his demise when the hick next door got drunk and threw a horseshoe at him, hitting him in the head and killing him. Next morning, the hick woke up to litter in his gas tank and teeny little "cat prints" applied in Sharpie all over his truck. Then there was Dextor, named after Dexter Gordon - a crazy, "springy" white and black domestic cat, I swear, it could leap 10 feet in the air from sitting still. He ran off when we relocated to coal country in Pennsylvania. (I should have taken that as a clue not to move there myself. )

CURRENT PETS: Eartha Kitty, (Cat Calloway's sister), purrs just like the famous kitten-with-a-whip; Simon (f/k/a Simone, after Nina Simone) we thought Simon was a girl kitty for, oh, three years and called him Simone until a vet visit confirmed he was more of a Simon.