Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear New Guy

This has no basis in anything recent, but I think maybe I need a letter. A letter for New Guys everywhere.

You know New Guys. Mostly you know them as the new client contact. Or the new agency contact. But they also turn up sometimes as Somebody New on the Board, or Somebody Who Has Started Coming to Meetings Who Never Came To One Before. Whoever they are, sometimes it seems like a whole lot of time is spent -- and lost -- as they work to make sure we all know how smart and experienced they are.

They re-work things, change things, revise and re-visit things, cancel things and, as many times as they may make an improvement to the situation, usually it just sets everybody back a few weeks.

So let me say right now to New Guys everywhere, whether I've met you yet or not. You smarter than me. You know this business far, far better than I do, even if you're new to the position. No doubt you can also sing, swim and play basketball better than me too. In fact, I defer to your superiority in every way.

There. Now that that's settled, can we get on with the business at hand?

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