Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Somebody beat us to the Commemorative Tea Bags

Never let it be said that the Washington Post doesn't know how to make a buck on an Inauguration.

First, there was their special commemorative section full of paid messages from all of us to the new President. Then their special commemorative photo album available for purchase for the low, low price of $29.95. And now, my personal favorite (get ready) "an authentic replica press plate of the January 21 Commemorative Edition of the Washington Post." Just $49.95.

Wow. An authentic replica. Don't be fooled by all of those imitation replica press plates that are flooding the market at souvenir stands and from shady-looking guys in overcoats all over town.

So not to be outdone by the Washington Post, Juggling in the Dark is offering limited edition Commemorative Coffee Filters -- exact duplicates of the Melitta #4 paper filter that Karen and I used to make the coffee we drank while we watched the inauguration. Complete with a red "O" (for, you know, Obama) hand-crafted in Magic Marker. All for just $17.49 plus shipping and handling.

Hurry, supply is limited to the 37 filters we have left in the box we bought earlier this month in anticipation of this historic occasion. Call now. Operators are standing by.

Here's your chance to own, as the Post says, "Your piece of history!"

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