Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like that annoying cousin at a reunion, it's coming

I'm not a huge Super Bowl fan. Maybe it's because I'm not so much of a pro football fan anymore -- not since Daniel Snyder bought the local team.

But I find myself sort of watching it every year, mostly because my friends John and Vickie have a great party, the food is great and, well, there they are on a big-screen TV. And, I guess, because I feel like I sort of have to watch them, because being in advertising sure as the world for the following week, people are going to ask me what I thought and did I see this or that wonderful spot.

And suddenly everybody's an expert.

OK, there are two thoughts I have here. 1) Super Bowl commercials aren't always that great. (the spot illustrated here is a notable exception,of course.) Actually, I generally feel like about half of them out-and-out suck by virtue of trying too hard. And you know what else? (That would be #2) There are lots of pretty terrific commercials produced all freaking year. Spots that probably cost less to produce, certainly cost less to place and in many cases worked harder for clients.

So forgive me if I don't fall all over myself talking about about Sunday's spots. Not unless you're willing to talk with me about advertising next month too.

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