Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have a better ending for this spot

I think I'd go with "You think that's surprising? Get this. Neither a big company like Mountain Dew nor their agency could think of a better way to sell soda than this stupid commercial."

Does nobody preach the ills of borrowed interest any more? I mean, they could do this exact same spot for a car dealership ("You think that's surprising. Get this. Our low, low Washington's Birthday sale prices . . .") or a candy bar ("You think that's surprising? Get this. Chunk-o-Chocolate bars have twice the calories of . . ."). You could do this for any damn thing.

It's like the creative guys all sat around and watched all the Jackass movies 14 times each and said "Whoa, dude! This is really funny stuff. Think we can work it into an ad somewhere?"

I hate this kind of stuff. And I hate that somebody got paid good money to do a spot with just about no idea at all.

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