Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our loss is San Francisco's gain.

Well, as I write this, our Jessica is on a plane on her way to Green Bay for Christmas before she relocates to San Francisco.

With any luck at all, she'll beat the horrible weather I hear is brewing in the upper Midwest.

We really hated to see her go. The two years she was with us just blew past -- as things do when you enjoy them. Jessica was more than just a good art director to us. She was always in a good mood -- except for the several times she lost her driver's license and the day after she broke her wrist in a soccer game. But even when she was surprised by the rain and had to walk from the subway with no umbrella, she came in with a smile.

A Dexter fan AND a True Blood fan -- what more could a co-worker ask for?

She's one of those people whose first reaction to things is to smile and laugh, and speaking for Karen, Tracy and myself, she's a treasure. So if anybody in San Francisco is looking for a good designer/art director, I know one who is available.

Actually, that's all a lie. We all thought she'd NEVER leave.

No really, we'll miss her.

I'm lying. We've forgotten her already.

Seriously, we wish she was still here.

Did too.

Did not.

(P.S. She and I usually disagree about which pictures of her are good ones and which ones aren't. But since I dragged this one off her Facebook page, I'm guessing it's OK. If not, I'm sure I'll hear about it.)

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