Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everybody ought to be thankful for something. I'm thankful for the Tastee Diner.

(Another post that has nothing to do with advertising)

About a year ago, we moved our office from a fairly desolate part of Silver Spring to the middle of Bethesda.

Now, not only can Karen and I bike -- or even walk -- to work, but also, we're in the middle of a great neighborhood. One of the Washington area's hot restaurant districts. But people who know me, know that my very favorite restaurant on earth is right across the street. It's the Tastee Diner, a gen-you-wine diner, circa my age.

Karen and I have been eating breakfast there every Friday for years, and now I can pop across the street for breakfast or lunch whenever I want. I had breakfast there this morning with my friend Dan Rosenthal of Rosenthal Partners. But even if Dan hadn't shown up, I wasn't alone. Marty was sitting at the next booth. And, of course Beth was working, Mario was cooking, Singh was up front -- it's just a wonderful little place. Heidi and David weren't there this morning, but we'll see them tomorrow. Along, probably, with Rich, Bob and Paul and a half-dozen other familiar faces.

There is pretty much nothing like the Tastee Diner. I'll put it up against any local diner in any city in the world.

And when I'm officially an Old Coot -- which could be any minute now -- I'm going to hang out there all day.

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