Thursday, December 18, 2008


(Forgive two consecutive posts that have nothing to with advertising, but I'm a Local Boy, and this one is important.)

Sammy Baugh died yesterday.

Sammy Baugh was probably the greatest Redskin who ever played. He played for 16 years, back in the day when they played Both Ways. I think one year, he led the in passing, punting and interceptions (interceptions he caught, not interceptions he threw -- he played both ways, remember?).

There is a great story about the Baugh and the day he showed up for his first pro practice after a great college career at TCU. The head coach -- whose name escapes me -- said "I hear you're quite a passer."

"I can throw a bit," said Baugh.

"Let's see you hit that receiver in the eye," said the coach.

Baugh replied "Which eye?"

I don't know if it's true or not, but I don't care. Sammy Baugh was cool, back before so many pro football players were thugs and criminals and before the Washington franchise was systematically ruined by a nouveau riche little yard gnome.

R.I.P. Sammy Baugh.

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