Friday, November 7, 2008

P.T. Who? Said what?

I saw an ad for this in a magazine while I was waiting to get my haircut yesterday.

I'm not EXACTLY sure why it's funny, but it is. The claim is that with the sled-like thing pictured above, you can get a complete exercise workout in just 4 minutes. For a cool $14,615.

The web site is a scream all in itself. For example:

"Our excellent ROM machine has been a marketing nightmare since 1990 when it first came out on the market." No kidding. Maybe that's because it's $14,615.

"The biggest problem is that 4 minutes seems to good to be true . . " No kidding. Wonder why?

"An equally big marketing problem is the very high selling price . . ." Ya think?

I could go on, but you need to see for yourself. It's pretty funny. I especially the part discounting the "so-called experts."

FYI - $14,615 works out to about $20 a DAY.

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